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bottom of my heart . .
Saturday, November 14, 2009 | Saturday, November 14, 2009 | 2 comments

bismillah .

i dunno wether i shud do this or not . but my heart says i shud , so here i am . a confession im gonna make . .

as a human , as a girl . people may think i a strong girl . i can deal with this easily (: and i always look fin and happy but only God knows what im going thru now . huh ! we can say things that help to ease the pain , yes ! terima kasih sangat atas semangat yg diberi . i really appreciate it . i really do , thanks tapi selalunya its easier said than done .

im dealing with it now . its time , my time . hope it happened for good . benda neyy terjadi jugak kt say . so sadd . very sadd . dont give up and give the hardest to fight for what we want but things dont always turn out the way kita nak . kan ?

mcm mne bile org yg kte percaya , org yg kte sygg mengkhianati kte ? cam tu la yg aku rase skrg . never who noe what we feel if we in dis situation . tension , geram , sume ada .

like a situation :
i tell someone who i like .
but not means i want him be my boyfee .
n i ta bermakna i akan luahkan feel i tuh kt dye (boy yg i minat)
i juz ske dye oke .
bkn cintakan dye .
i ske dye pn coz :
style dye .
cara dye .
take care bout i .
n dat's all .
i ta mintak pn u tlg i .
tlg i gtw dat's boy yg i like him !
tell everythings !
i ta mintak sume tuu .
i noe u just na tlg i .
tp u ta pikir kew yg sume tuh bley m'malukan i !
dat's so stupid !
u twu ta ble u gtaw dat statement .
u bwat i ta slesa gan dat boy twu ta !
so embarrass !
u noe dat's ! ! !

so lucky when dat's boy so professional .
him still want me be he fren even he noe i like him .
thnx's KAWAN !

n to her !
please respect me !
n please respect my privasi oke .
n tlongggg laaa .
jgn amek twu daa sal akuuuu !
aku benci kaw ! !
aku benci kaw sangattt !

n to him .
thnx sgttt .
be my only besfren forever .

last but not least , its not easy , susah sangat but we have no choice . whatever happen , i hope u'll will support me .

no more why when and how.
have a great sunday

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