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Wednesday, June 2, 2010 | Wednesday, June 02, 2010 | 0 comments

ta sume orang rase ape yg kte rse .
ta sume orang twu ap yg kte na kn .
ta sume orang paham ap yg kte mahukn .
dan ta sume orang sangka itu yg kte mahukn .

i noe that .
bkn yew kte kngsi ati dgn orang lain ryte ?

lets all the memories remains forever only in heart <3
only in my heart .
not your heart !

urghh ,
serious tension .
really tension .

i sndri ta twu ap yg i rse ,
i sndri ta twu mcm mne na dscribe ap yg i rse ,
n i sndri ta twu buat kputusan dgn ap yg i rse .

kejam ?
yeahh ,
i mmg kejam .

tpi bkn sala i .
bukan itu yg i na kn .
i pn ad kemahuan sndri laaa .

tolong paham bole ?
e2 jew yg i mahukn dri YOU !


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