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marry me please .
Sunday, October 24, 2010 | Sunday, October 24, 2010 | 0 comments

My mom keep asking me about FIK , NON-STOP !
My dad is planning to visit FIK's parents
My siblings keep teasing me with FIK's name and BAKAL ABANG IPAR
My parents seems like to have FIK as their MENANTU
My Mommy is looking for our suitable RINGS
They're busy arrange-ing our engangement and wedding stuff
OMG can we make it fast for the beautiful day honey ?
I cant wait to be your wife

HA-HA okay deal .
I was lied . LOL
My mom and my dad didnt ask about those q's . hahaha , thinking about wedding ? ahahaha , keep on dreaming Una ! but all of them knew about me and Fik . hee , I was so deeply in LOVE with Fik . Till both of us cant wait to get married . HAHA what comes to your mind when we talk about wedding ? fer sure about that NIGHT kan ? hahahahahaha , gile BLUE lah korang neh ! hahah , Mine is PINK *bathing eyelashes. you're getting too far away sayang ! haha , You will always have my heart with you forever and ever . I do look and view his page like everyday . hee , I dont know why I feel so comfortable , for sure lah he's my LOVE *blushing. Heh dah dah . my stomach getting hurt now ahhaa it hurts like hell . Ayooo maaa *rooling eyes

p/s = you gave me everything and I wont let you go . NEVER !

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