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let me go .
Tuesday, November 2, 2010 | Tuesday, November 02, 2010 | 0 comments


aku tak tahu apa yang aku tengah rasakan sekarang neh . rasa macam someone yang langsung tak ada perasaan . aku rasa down sangat . i cant lie to myself . i miss these few things and people people *heavily sigh . the places , the songs , the words remainds me back to him . i know i have to strong but how ? now i had all this problems in my head and it drives me crazy . sabarrrr je lahh . i didnt expert this thing would happened . i just need to think wisely and make a good decision . i dont want to be hurt again . i dont want to be the victims between my decision .

day by days , all the things you did to me it makes me feel disgusting . why did u come back ? its real . youve changed , i dont know who you are anymore . just please dont make me hate you . i dont want to hate you because i know if i do , i'll never forgive you . i love you still . but i love my boyfie more than you . because youre my friend . just let the things goes by . please dont change the fate .

im not blaming you but i want to know why you did this to me ? i just need an answer . please understand what im trying to say here . its hurt you know . please let me go . i want happy like other people . we're dont have any relation . so why must you do this at my bf and i ? why ? please please please . give me freedom . only that i need from you . you make me feel disgusting . err ,

i bet one day you will realized everything that you did and figure it out again and by the time , i'll be gone too . im not hoping but im sure that will happen . its just the same with the life stories in dramas . you gaves me a big impact which is so so so confusing . "SABAR" is the best cure for it .

please sayang let me go .
only bestfriend please .
im begging to youu .

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